IEEE 1722.1 Protocol Features


IEEE 1722.1 provides the Audio Video Discovery, Enumeration, Connection management, and Control (AVDECC) protocol for AVB devices.


  • Advertising
  • Querying (Global and Specific)
  • Support for redundant networks

Enumeration and Control

  • Describe the internal structure of the device from the stream entry/exit through to the "physical" entry/exit
  • Describe the internal structure within the different limitations of the device (channel limits at different sample rates, etc)
  • Describe the internal latency through the device from the defined timing reference plane to the "physical" world (or the define latency from reference plane to reference plane via the DSP)
  • Describes and controls the clocking model within the device to configure media clocking sources, sample rate converters, etc.
  • Describe the AVB capabilities of the interfaces and provide the current AVB related information (802.1AS GMID, MSRP domain) for each AVB interface
  • Describe and control the mapping of media sources and sinks to channels within the stream sinks and sources
  • Describe and control the signal chains (DSP, mute, volume, mixers, selectors, etc) through the device
  • Provide user settable names for many objects within the device including stream, media sources and sinks (jacks), controls, etc
  • Describe and control generic control points within the device (location information, enables, video camera controls, etc)
  • Perform key management for securing the network
  • Perform basic authentication of controllers
  • Enable and disable transport and stream security
  • Distributes updates to interested controllers
  • Provides diagnostic information such as avb interface event counters and errors, stream packet event counters and errors, and clock domain lock status, as well as vendor specific counters when necessary.
  • Transport AVC protocol, HDCP IIA key exchange protocol, and vendor specific protocols.

Connection Management

  • Connection/disconnection of streams
  • Persistent connections
  • Status query for both AVDECC Listeners and AVDECC Talkers
  • Transport of relevant SRP data


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