This site contains information about the following active projects:

  • jdksavdecc-c, an open source library for the AVDECC protocol in the C programming language.
  • gptp, a GPL'd open source driver for linux. Does not include timestamp hardware but could be adapted.
  • JDKSAvdeccArduino, source code for the smallest IEEE Std 1722.1-2013 AVDECC Controller. See it at Youtube.
  • jdksavdecc-mcu, C++ source for IEEE Std 1722.1-2013 Entity and Controller Entities suitable for bare metal and embedded use.
  • jdksavdecc-proxy, C++ source for the IEEE Std 1722.1-2013 Layer 3 Proxy Server (APS).
  • avdecc-cmd, source code for simple command line tools for generating and sending arbitrary AVDECC commands. See the readme file.
  • JDKSAvdeccLogger, an open logging mechanism built around IEEE 1722.1 vendor specific controls.
  • Obbligato, an open source C++11 library of useful utilities.
  • microsupport, an open source library written in C for minimal footprint for bare metal and embedded linux use cases.

Other Software Resources

Other available software code projects and libraries for AVB include:


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